A New One

So I heard back from the church board at Osseo first church of the Nazarene. I flew up there for a job interview this last weekend. I did not get the offer for the job. It's pretty interesting. I know, sometime this week I'll probably be a bit on-edge...that's probably why.
But it also motivates me to follow up with the other contacts at some of these other churches.
Ohio, Kentucky, Germany? ok, maybe not the last one...but hey! i'm looking.

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Kicked my butt

God brought me to a realization this morning. I had not been, as of late, giving him the attention he deserves. He should be my all and everything. My constant thought. My love.

So I came back to prayer and His Word this morning and here are a few verses that "Kicked My Butt" that I'm sure I'll compile into a sermon soon (one of these days.)

Poverbs 27: 1,3,4,12

The whole chapter is awesome and I challenge you, If you don't have anything else going with your daily devotions: GO THROUGH THE BOOK OF PROVERBS!!! Do it. It'll be good for you.
Since there are 31 chapters, you can go through the whole book in just one month by reading one chapter a day.

Taste and see that He is good.

J Man update: I was on here the other day trying to find out why the heck J hadn' updated his LJ. Plain and simple, he's on a mission from God.
Yup, He's in the gulf coast area or something ... working with the church he was sent to for field placement (internship) and he'll be coming back on Saturday night or something and then he plans on preaching on sunday and then...well soon returning for Bigger and Better Things!


peace out.


a watched pot...

So most of my day consisted of...well. A whole lot of nothing.

Things I did accomplish:
1.Before church I packed up a bunch of clothes and dvd's to go back to school this weekend.
2.I sent my Resume to a church in Florida...hey, what the heck.
3.I posted my resume on www.Kidology.org
4.Prepared a devotional for Pastoral Care meeting
5.Watched my inbox.
6.Emailed several emails from my new...email. ( pastor_matt14@yahoo.com )
7.Watched my inbox.
8.Watch an Anderson University Webcast of their chapel when they had 3 of the directors/writers of the movie "hoodwinked." Like 10 of the production and other stuff staff were from AU (of which the speakers were...3 of those peeps.)
9.Watched my inbox.
10. Called Don Harrison and talked with his wife. I gave them a few bites for churches looking for hired staff.
11. Played video games with Maxwell.
12. Did devo for Pastoral care, wrote 3 notes, stamped all the notes, joined up with the teens as they wrapped up their "going deeper" time.
13. Came back to dave's and now I'm on the net, updating my Facebook, checking my email, updating my LJ.

I'm probably going to watch a movie or something.

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Opeus Banquet

I did mis-spell that on purpose. Steve always refers to Orpheus as Opeus...hehehhe...

Any who, so that's what's going on in my life tonight. Orpheus Banquet. It should be fun.
I'm taking the South Shore line from Ogden Dunes (near Portage) and getting off reall near the hotel. That Rocks my socks. Well, it would...if I was wearing any...
Speaking of which. I'm going to get ready some.

peace out.

getting better...

So A health warning has been issued...for no one. I'm doing better.
A couple nights ago I picked up some Nyquil and Cold-eeze. I'm taking cold-eeze during the day and nyquil at night, of course.
Well the BIG meeting is tomorrow night. The Church board decides if they want to hire the candidate for the youth Pastor possition here at Real Life. It's pretty exciting BUT when I said BIG I didn't mean because it was important. The meeting like lasts 3 hours. I had just found out though that the church just restructured the church board recently and it only meets every other month (except in cases like new hire's and calling pastor back to this church.)
I really like the guy who they've been interviewing. He's going to do a lot of good for this youth group and community if he gets hired.
They are also looking at a children's pastor, which they'll probably have come next month for interviews after the Youth Pastor Dust has settled.

I got my paper done last night within one hour! WOW! Sometimes I surprize myself. Much thanks for the call from Emily. You needed a distraction, I needed one...eh! There we go.
After finishing up my paper, I checked out my copy of 24 from Moday. The only thing that was missing was the last few seconds.
I really don't like that Stinkin' President Logan. Palmer, Michelle, Edgar, Tony, and countless other had to die just so Logan couuld get the US some stinking OIL? What's the deal!? DRILL IN ALASKA! They'd love the financial benefits

the end.


The illness, the leaking, the...humanity!!!

So, on anybody else's plate...this week would have started off crapy.
I was and still am sick with a DANG cold. dangit. I came to Church and
This week I have billion more things to accomplish by Wednesday and by Friday, respectively.
I'm still sick and I don't know what to take to help out with it.
It rained in my room last night...yes. You heard right. RAINED. I rolled over on my bed and dang, the roof was leaking! That was about midnightish. I got up and NO, I didn't wet the bed. The rain did that. dang you all for thinking that.
Anyway, I got dry clothes on and took my sick self and slept on the couch.

But on the other hand...My fam. came to visit me for Easter weekend which was GOOD!
I also got to have lunch with them yesterday at the Olive Garden, which is cool.
The things I have to accomplish this week are like, SO good for me.
Like completing a Resume and working on a budget.

I think a meeting with Dalton kind of falls into a Neutral area. It has its Pro's and Con's. By the way, that is happening on Wednesday at 9:45am central time. Set your prayer charts accordingly.
I also have a few bites on possible ministry opportunities after school/summer.

[cough! cough! cou....gh!]

A Song for the Teens

This one for all who have been whapped on the head with scripture and all you wanted to see and experience was the caringness of another person to you.
Also, for all of us churchy people who should start thinking like sheep if we are to reach them.

All rights and stuff are reserved for me...but if you want to throw this to a couple sets of chords...that'd be OK, just site your source. J/K. Just think about this Story of this teen. How have you SHOWN Christ love rather than talked about it. most people are visual learners, and if you do something for them, that's just an added bonus. enjoy.

"I don’t know"
By Matthew “the intern” Angell

And I don’t know how
to praise you
Cause I don’t
even know you.
How can I sing
to some one
Who seems so far a way?

Might as well
not even be real,
I wish my heart
could real-y feel,
The love they talked a lot about
Haven’t seen it Lately…
I don’t know what to say.

Can’t they see?
That every time they come around
It just seems
They want something from me.
But honestly,
I’m the one in need.
Show me His love
And I won’t be afraid.

Cause I’ll see
Him in your life
You treat me different
You treat me right.

And I won’t have to fear
Cause you are here.
Then He’ll be near

Cause you shown me His love
You’ve shown me Grace
And I can see his face.

And now…

I Do
My best to praise you
I sort of know you.
In the eyes
Of those whose lives
Affected me today.

I’m still not sure if you are real
But I got a good feeling
Yes I’m believing’
I see you in
Your followers today
…see you in
Your followers today

Still don’t know what to say.

I’m still around
But evil’s seemed to drag me to the ground.
I believe you’re here
But I’m sliding back into fear.

I fear my own uncertainty
I fear this life: just you and me.
I fear my own destiny,
mortality, and eternity.

Can I know you’re real?
Can I touch you, can I feel
The holes in your hands?
The Scars on your feet?
The things they say that “paid the price”
Just for me?

And I do
My best to praise you
Cause I know I love you
For you loved me first
Your word, preserved
And saved me for that day.

“While I was in sin”
Were the days you let your healing begin.
To bring me closer to you
And I was told everything
was gonna be “OK.”

I don’t know what to say.
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mafia! is back.

So mad props to Brandon's sister Brianna for saying that cry_wolf was a really good flick (came out this past fall.) Tonight, I think I played Mafia for the first (or second time.) This afternoon was cool, cause I finished Memoirs of a Geisha and got some contacts at Wal-mart eye center.
But even more awesomeness before that was Miss Emily Minnis came for a visit and came to Real Life for church this morning. I thought she was quite a ways away when the 11am service started, to I didn't look for her in the foyer, I just waited until I could find her. By that time The service was more that half over and I look down at my phone...I have a text message! A Ha! Em had gotten to church @ 11 and was sitting in the back row. So I found her and joined her. We watched the kids come by with their awesome/cute palm branches.
I went to home-team tonight and we hung out and played mafia and watch cry_wolf. and had snacks and of course "fellowshiped in brotherly love in accordance to the bible."
So it's all good.
Stinking Novell made me change my webmail pass word and now I'm going through and making some changes about other passwords as well. Well good night! I need to get up and get going in the morning. Love you all!


One for all my peeps.

Last night was "self-awareness" night for Jr. high youth group. One of the adult helpers, Rob, is also a karate instructor. He gave a "what to do if you find that you are being kid-napped" instructional thingy. He taught us all how to "Go for the throat, eyes, or mouth" using whatever we had in our purse. Personally, I don't carry a purse around...but if someone tries to kid nap me, they have got the wrong 22 year old. (I Know illegal Ninja moves from the government.)
Anyway, This weekend was awesome. I drove back to ONU and stayed the night. I drove back on sunday morning and got lost on the way...so I was a bit late.(shout outs to my man J...I feel ya bro.)
I was so tired and then at about 2pm I attempted to get to Kokomo, IN to the Orpheus choir concert. I got there late too (I hope this is not becoming hobbit.) But I sang with them during the second half of the concert (They ROCKED!!!) I told them all I will see them on the 22 of april. I have decided that I am, for the first time, going solo to the banquet. I will be coming from Portage. I just don't think my feelings of "oh yeah! I have a date. Now I am cool...just like everyone else" is really not that important. I think being independent and also, being able to interact freely with out worry with others is the best bet for me in that situation (the 22 of april is the Orpheus Banquet...FYI.)

Today I came into work and did some devos. I remembered last week or so...pastor said "There are 31 proverbs, you can read one each day." so I started yesterday. These are really good. Check out Chapter 4. good stuff in the NLT.

after that, I hung out this morning with the day care people that take care of kids while the bi-monthy event "All About Moms" happens. Its sounds like such a great ministry. Why All about moms? It's an out reach ministry. Lots of families over the 8-9 years of this ministry have come in because of A.A.M.
Last night before teen group, I helped thomas with his documentary about the church. (he's producing it for a class at college.) I moved a cart for him while a camera was on it...it was for a pan shot of Judy as she delivered her lines about the church and Pastor Duane's vision.

peace out!


Day of Atonement...uh. I mean EXCITEMENT.

So I once again have a beautiful day off on a Saturday and isn't it wonderful? The Weather has been really nice, despite the wind.
So, Unless I mentioned it before, we had 2 funerals this week. The one yesterday was a lady I went to visit with Bob Burton last week. I was glad to be a part of that clergical support yesterday and thursday for the family.
Well today I am taking Steve's kid Maxwell to the free matinee movie at the Portage 9. We're seeing The wallas and grommit movie.
Then I'm heading to ONU to hang out with the gang. Da Emma is throwing a "Napoleon Dynamite Party" and It's going to be fun fun. Then, like lightening! I am back to Portage and after church tomorrow I will start heading to Kokomo, IN to meet up to Orpheus. (neglecting bacalaurapervert) this will be the last time I sing with my choir (and neglecting banquet...of which the details I hope to nail down this weekend.)
Love you all!